C.H. (2011 – )

ch  002

Ticino no.1

ch  001

Ticino no.2

ch  003

Ticino no.3

ch  005

Ticino no.4

ch  006

Ticino no.4

ch  007

Ticino no.5

ch  008

Ticino no.6

ch  011

Ticino no.7

0_ 001

Ticino no.8

CH is an ongoing body of work exploring the topography and mythology of the Swiss landscape. Borrowing the pictorial visual language of the picturesque and the sublime – both aesthetic approaches that traditionally eschew the political significance of landscape – the work attempts to make a more candid examination of the topography and uses of a landscape particularly celebrated for its ‘natural’ qualities.

These images were around the Ticino Valais, along the Swiss/Italian border.